Tee Times  (508) 642 - 2003
Clubhouse  (401) 527 - 3070

U.S.G.A Rules govern all play

Out of Bounds: Off Golf Course property or marked with white stakes or white painted stone

Local Rules:

  1. Each player must have a set of clubs.
  2. All play must start on first tee.
  3. Caddy carts, gas carts and bags prohibited from tees, greens and fringes (30 feet). Gas carts must follow path as marked. No more than 2 gas carts per group..
  4. Lost ball or free hole ahead give players immediate right to play through.
  5. Ball lying against an immovable rock in fairway may be dropped one club length back without penalty.
  6. Fence behind first green - one club length nearer hole without penalty.
  7. Free lift from all drainage ditches - no closer to hole.
  8. Please smooth footprints in traps, repair ball marks on greens, and replace turf.
  9. Dress Code: Clean, casual clothing. No tank tops, no tube tops, no bathing suits.