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To our Players, Sponsors, and Donors,
     We would like to express sincere gratitude for your support through the Les Brigham Memorial Tournament to benefit Hope Hospice & Palliative Care R.I. (“Hospice”). Through your generosity, over the past five years the Leslie P. Brigham Memorial Tournament has raised and donated almost $10,000 for life sustaining equipment and medications to ease the pain of those who are suffering.

     During our father’s decline, Hospice provided medical care for him and eased his discomfort with medicine and equipment which was brought right to our door. The volunteers at Hospice provided our family with advice, sympathy and emotional support during through the most difficult time of our lives. To them we will always be so thankful for their help that we continue to utilize our time and resources to host this Memorial Tournament in hopes that they may continue to help families like ours who need support and comfort.


Rayna Brigham and Diana Nolan